Why mouthguards matter
in MMA

Like Boxing, MMA isn’t a sport that requires a lot of gear.

But there is one piece of equipment MMA fighters cannot do without – a mouthguard.

It is estimated


is the injury rate amongst MMA fighters, which is higher than all other contact sports. Judo (4%), Taekwondo (8%), boxing (18%).



of injuries sustained by MMA fighters are to the head.



of dental injuries suffered in Boxing, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai were tooth fractures according to one study.

Which Makura mouthguard is best for MMA?

Since MMA is a contact sport, we would highly recommend the TEPHRA MAXTM. It boasts the highest level of impact resistance (Level 3) available for mouth-adapted mouthguards and features SHOKBLOKERTM, FLEXICORETM, and GELFORMTM technology to keep you protected and comfortable.

Remember, however, that finding the best mouthguard for you is a highly personal process. At the end of the day, the right mouthguard is the one that fits you the best.

When choosing a mouthguard for MMA, pay attention to things like:


Correct Fit

A properly fitted mouthguard keeps wearers both comfortable and safe. It should remain securely in place (no clenching required to hold it) even if you jostle it a bit with your tongue, and it shouldn’t make you gag, prevent you from speaking, or inhibit breathing in any way.



All Makura mouthguards are fully CE certified and have achieved Level 2 and Level 3 Impact Resistance. Our BOIL & BITE™ TEPHRA MAX™ is Level 3 Impact Resistant, the highest level achievable for mouth-adapted mouthguards. Our braces compatible LITHOS™ is Level 2 Impact Resistant, the highest attainable for ready-made mouthguards.



Look for attributes like gel-based and flexible liners as well as shock absorbing outers that are suited to the game you play and how you play it. If you have braces, make sure you choose a braces-compatible mouthguard to keep both you and your braces safe from harm.

A brief history of mouthguards in MMA


The first mouthguards were used in boxing and were devices boxers made themselves with materials like cotton, sponge, wood, and tape. It wasn't until the 1890s that London-based dentist Woolf Krause created the first "gum shield" using gutta-percha, a natural rubber resin.

Woolf's son Philip, an amateur boxer himself, went on to create the first re-usable gum shields.

Although mixed martial arts can trace its lineage almost 6000 years back to ancient China, MMA as we know it now didn't get its start until later in the twentieth century.

Today, MMA organisations like the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) impose some of the strictest regulations to keep their athletes safe. The most prevalent rule set is the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, which is used by the UFC and has been widely adopted worldwide as well.

These rules identify mouthguards as mandatory pieces of equipment that fighters must wear.