The Best Rugby Teams in Europe Set to Clash at the Six Nations Championship

Each year, Europe’s best rugby teams compete for the coveted Rugby Six Nations Championship title. The field consists of England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales. The 2020 edition of the tournament is already underway, with the first match between the defending champions Wales and Italy taking place on February 1st.

The 2020 Six Nations Championship

England comes into the tournament as the favourites having recently finished in second place behind South Africa in the 2019 Rugby World Cup held in Japan.

According to fan voting, England is followed by Wales, France, Ireland, Scotland, and Italy, respectively, in the final table. While England received top billing, this year’s competition could spring a few surprises given that all of the teams that are competing are in good form.

Form Guide

  • England: Won 5 out of 7 matches at the Rugby World Cup
  • Scotland: Won 2 out of 4 matches at the Rugby World Cup
  • Italy: Won 2 out of 4 matches at the Rugby World Cup
  • Ireland: Won 3 out of 5 matches at the Rugby World Cup
  • France: Won 2 out of 4 matches at the Rugby World Cup
  • Wales: Won 5 out of 7 matches at the Rugby World Cup

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History of the Six Nations Championship

The Rugby Six Nations Championship replaced the Home Nations Championship which was the first international rugby union competition ever held. Wales, the reigning champions, have been most successful with 39 victories to England’s 38. Since the Six Nations era began in 2000, only Italy and Scotland have failed to win the title.

Rugby and Frequent Injury

Rugby – like other contact sports – is synonymous with injury, and this tournament has been no exception with quality players being sidelined as a result of powerful collisions. Although regulations relating to the use of protective gear are in place for international sports federations, national federations, and provincial sports bodies, adherence to regulation is far less common for lower league competition involving youth and amateurs.

Injury Statistics

According to the recent Children’s Oral Health Survey, the majority of children and adolescents are not wearing any form of mouthguard protection during athletic competition. In particular, 48 percent of rugby players admitted to taking the field without a mouthguard – a huge mistake with potentially dangerous implications.

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