Keep it Clean!

Mouthguard cleanliness isn’t always a top priority for everyone. After a tough game, it’s easy to come off the field, rub your hands on your shirt to wipe off some of the excess dirt and sweat, and then reach up to pull your mouthguard out before tossing it into your bag.

It’s important to keep your mouthguard clean in order to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Continue reading to learn three simple steps you can take to ensure your mouthguard stays clean:

1.     Brush Your Teeth before Wearing Your Mouthguard

Scrubbing your teeth with toothpaste before putting your mouthguard in will get rid of the bacteria on your teeth and prevent it from spreading to the mouthguard itself.

Brushing your teeth sound like a crazy idea ? Carry a small bottle of mouthwash with you. That way you will be able to rinse your mouth no matter where you are before using your mouthguard.

2.     Rinse Your Mouthguard after Each Use

After taking your mouthguard out, give it a rinse with some lukewarm water. Remember to take care in ensuring the water is only room temperature, as water that’s too hot can cause your mouthguard to become distorted.

Once you have washed your mouthguard, remember to dry it off.

3.     Store Your Mouthguard in a Breathable Case

Ensure your mouthguard is completely dry before putting it away. Keep in mind that the case you use should be clean and have vents so that your mouthguard is able to breathe.

All Makura mouthguards come with lightweight, durable cases to help keep them protected and clean when you’re not using them. All of our cases have been drop tested to make sure they won’t snap open when falling or after landing.

Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Mouthguard

No matter how well you look after it, you will need to replace your mouthguard at some point.

Signs that it’s time to start looking for a new mouthguard include:

  • There are irreparable flaws. BOIL & BITE™ mouthguards can often be remoulded more than once to adjust the shape, however re-forming them will not address structural issues like cracks.
  • Your mouthguard no longer fits securely in your mouth. If you have to clench your teeth to keep your mouthguard in place or can loosen it easily with your tongue, it no longer fits you as it should.
  • The shape of your mouth has changed. Whether you have had dental treatments or are simply still growing, it’s important that you have a mouthguard that fits your mouth properly.

Even if the mouthguard doesn’t appear to have any problems, most athletes choose to change their mouthguard with each season or at the end of each year. That helps to keep your mouthguard more hygienic and ensures it will perform at its best when you need it.

 At Makura Sport, our mission is simple: to provide you with mouthguards that exceed expectations and make us the protection of choice for athletes around the world. Contact us today to learn more!