4 Signs that your Mouthguard is a good fit

Regardless of your sport—what it is, the level you play at, or how often you get out—your mouthguard needs to fit properly. If it doesn’t, that can leave you feeling unsafe and uncomfortable.

Here are four things you should watch for to make sure your mouthguard fits you well:

1. Your Mouthguard Should Let You Breathe and Speak Without Issue

As a test, put your mouthguard in and then simply go about your day. Try talking to someone, taking a sip of water, and (of course) breathing.

If you can’t do one or more of these things, it isn’t the right fit.

2. Your Mouthguard Should Fit Securely in Your Mouth

Once you have your mouthguard in, relax your mouth:

  • Did your mouthguard drop? You shouldn’t have to clench your teeth to keep it in place.
  • Can you loosen it easily with your tongue? Your mouthguard should remain in place even if you happen to jostle it during play.

A poorly fitted and unsecure mouthguard can end up being  a distraction during a game, as you will spend more time than you should adjusting it, and will not keep you adequately protected.

3. Your Mouthguard Should Be Comfortable

People often assume that in order to provide the maximum amount of protection a mouthguard needs to completely cover the teeth. In reality, however, a mouthguard that extends too far back will cause a wearer to gag.

Ideally, your mouthguard should end somewhere between your first and second molars, which will prevent it from coming into contact with too much of your soft palate.

4. Your Mouthguard Should Provide the Correct Amount of Coverage

A mouthguard that’s too short will leave the roots of your teeth vulnerable, while one that’s too high won’t be comfortable for you to wear. When it’s just right, you get the best of both worlds—comfort and security.

A well-fitted mouthguard will cover all of your teeth (excepting the back molars) and some of your gum, but it shouldn’t overwhelm the entire upper jaw.

Finding and wearing the right mouthguard during play is the key to protecting yourself and your mouth from contact-related injuries.

At Makura Sport, our mission is simple: to provide you with mouthguards that exceed expectations and make us the protection of choice for athletes around the world. Contact us today to learn more!