Athlete safety -
at the heart of what we do

Right from the start we were dedicated to manufacturing personal protective equipment to keep sportspeople of all ages safe. We soon realised we were exceptionally good at producing high quality mouthguards at affordable prices.

All of our Makura mouthguards are produced in our dedicated factory using tooling that we own, and they feature proprietary technology like SHOKBLOKER ™ outers, GELFORM ™ Liners, and FLEXICORE ™ centres. All are independently tested to ensure compatibility with the latest standards, and are CE and UKCA approved. Our range comprises five different products in a variety of colours.

Customer Testimonials

“Without a doubt THE best boil-n-bite style mouthguard I have ever used, and I have had shock doctors, opros and all sorts. I literally have to pull this out after training, its a really really snug fit!”

Amazon Customer Review

“After trying many different brands, this is the first 'boil and bite' mouthguard that actually fitted/stayed in place after following the instructions. That alone makes this worth every penny to a concerned parent.”

Amazon Customer Review

“They are a fantastic gum shield.They mould very easily and fit comfortably in your mouth. I wear this while playing Rugby. They provide good protection to your teeth and I couldn't be happier! They have a great selection of colours also!”

Amazon Customer Review

“Really like this product. Once moulded, the fit was fantastic. Only needed to mould the once and it was perfect. I had issues with the last one I got being far too big and clumpy for my mouth whereas this one is slightly smaller, although it's smaller the moulding can make it bigger.”

Amazon Customer Review

“Having tried many gum shields over the last six years - this one is the best in its category. Slightly more to do when following the instructions than a basic boil-in-the-bag gum shield, but it's worth it as I've achieved a perfect fit... this is my third one of this type.”

Amazon Customer Review

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At Makura Sport our mission is simple:

To provide our partners and customers with innovative products that exceed expectations and make us the protection of choice for athletes around the world.